Put your data, design, and digital skills into service. Improve the lives of millions of New Yorkers.

The Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity works to reduce poverty and broaden opportunity by advancing the use of data and evidence in program and policy design, service delivery, and budget decisions.

We are seeking candidates for design, data and technology roles to develop and support digital products that reduce poverty and advance opportunity for City residents.

  Our Work

The initiatives that you will work on all share the common goal of delivering more effective services and helping residents address poverty-related challenges. We operate a portfolio of digital tools and offer our expertise across multiple areas, including facilitating data integration to improve social service performance, easing access to services and programs, and designing new digital and in-person services with agency partners.

Data Integration

Our data integration work helps City agencies deliver more effective, holistic services to the right people at the right time, targeting support to those who can most benefit. One of our key tools for data integration is Worker Connect, a data sharing technology that allows caseworkers to see real-time information about clients drawn from multiple City sources, helping the City better coordinate the delivery of resources and support to individuals and families.

Service Design

Our Service Design work develops solutions rooted in insights about the holistic experiences of those affected by public services. It considers people, processes, communications, and technology as part of the solution. By applying Service Design methodologies, our team better meets the needs of residents and service providers with approaches that produce better results.

Access to Services

ACCESS NYC homepage

Our Access to Services work includes digital tools and policy expertise across programs. We seek to make information and enrollment in services available to New Yorkers easy to find and use on any device. Our key digital tool for access to services is ACCESS NYC, a website that allows New Yorkers to screen for eligibility for over 30 City, State, and Federal benefit programs. Depending on the benefit, residents can apply online, print out pre-populated application forms, and determine agency locations where they can go to directly apply for services. We recently launched the mobile-first design and opened the Benefits and Programs API.

Growing Up NYC homepage

Our office also oversees Growing Up NYC, a new resource for parents and caregivers. A “mobile first” platform, the digital guide is designed to help millions of New York parents access City services, programs, and events for families and children up to age 12. Parents are able to access everything from after-school programs to parenting classes to temporary cash assistance programs and where to find fresh foods in their neighborhoods – all at their fingertips. We are soon to expand Growing Up NYC to reach 13-24 year old youth.

  Our Teams


The Data team members help access, integrate and analyze data to develop more effective services and inform policy decisions and programmatic designs. The team views data as a protected asset that can be responsibly leveraged across digital products to support analytical initiatives, facilitate knowledge sharing, and develop business strategy.

Design & Product

The Design & Product team follows a human-centered process, working with stakeholders to analyze needs, identify opportunities and design and develop products and services that make an impact. Central to the work on all products and initiatives, we conduct user research, which informs the user experiences we design, and work closely with internal and vendor technology teams to prototype, develop, and set ongoing strategy and roadmaps for digital tools.


The Technology team members develop new applications and maintains citywide, enterprise products. The team leverages existing City technology assets and systems, and also works in an agile, iterative way to build new digital services, collaborating closely with the Design and Data teams.